underground-mayhem asked:
What bands are going to warped? owo

Warped has already started so the whole list is on their website :)

hey guys

hope whoever has done Warped this year has had the best time! message me any cool shit that’s happened and I’ll publish it.

also I’m working the Keep A Breast booth this year at Toronto’s Warped Tour so stop by and say hey :)


fuckinwanka-deactivated20130706 asked:
What do I take to get signed? What if I don't have anything?

I notice a lot of people getting their shirt, shoes, arm, etc signed - whatever they have on them. Personally if I was into getting signatures I would carry around a book so all of them were in one spot. You could get a small notepad and keep it in your pocket! Some bands have their own posters with a signing spot at their tents so just bring a small bag so it doesn’t get lost.

So, uh, i have to give my computer back to my school thursday morning, so i don’t know when I’ll be back…. I’m gonna try and post from my ipod except i don’t have the app cause I’m not supposed to have a tumblr to begin with, so there might be a bit less frequent posts (from me at least)

sorry guys, see you soon!

What show are yall going to? 

Im going to the Camden show :)


Anonymous asked:
Hi :3 Will the Warped Tour come to Spain or other nearly country someday. Maybe? Please? :)

I honestly have no idea, sorry! does anyone else know?


I’ve actually already made transparent images for most of the bands you guys are requesting! You’ll find them at the above link.

If you want any transparent images made of your favourite band or their logo lemme know and I’ll post it on here!